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snapLOCK gutter downspout extension flip-up system

No More callbacks! End your warranty problems!

A gutter downspout extension and flip-up can give a homeowner the flexibility they need when mowing, landscaping, or working on their home. The snapLOCK is the best fastener to secure the flip-up to the gutter downspout elbow. The snapLOCK is made of aluminum and the washer is made of nylon for an extended life.

snapLOCK gutter extension flip-up fastener

Traditional fasteners as rivets and screws will wear and pull out creating a callback or warranty problem. There is now an unhappy homeowner and the installer has to spend time and money going back to fix the problem. The snapLOCK provides the homeowner with the flexibility needed and the contractor with the most reliable gutter extension fastener available.

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