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Dynamic text - tutorial #1 - Intermediate Level -
 What this tut is about? The following tutorial describes how to load text into an (.swf )
from an external source... like a text file.(notepad)
Step 1  A).Open Flash MX. B).Select "window" from the menu along the top.
C). Make sure the tools, properties, and timeline are checked.
Step 2

text tool
Select the text tool from the tools menu

text box
Drag a text box onto the stage. You can leave the cursor inside the box.

Step 3

properties panel
Open the properties panel.
A). Select Dynamic text from the dropdown menu
B). De-select Selectable, then choose Render text as HTML
C). Type (textField), into the box marked Var:

...also select optional items desired, font size, font color and so on.

Step 4

A).On the timeline, choose the layer and right-click the first frame the
text box resides on, in this case layer 1, frame 1.

Note: If you create a motion tween using the text box you would need to
right-click the final keyframe of the tween.

Step 5

After the right-clicking, select the Actions panel in normal mode.
A). In the left portion select Actions, Browser/Network then
double-click loadVariables.
B). In the box marked URL:, type the name of the text file.
In this case our text file is named (text1.txt

Step 6 The final step is to create a text file.

A).Open your text editor (notepad). Type in your
text as follows, textField= Add your text here!

Note: Begin your text with textField= add your text after the equal sign.
(textField) was the same name used in the Var: box in Step 3C

B). Save the .txt file in the same directory as the .swf file. Name
the file (text1.txt) the same name used in the URL box in Step 5B.
Optional Step

If you want to create a second text box, follow the steps
above adding another layer for the second text box.

Then create a second text file naming it text2.txt (See Step 5B)
The new text should begin with textField2=. (See Step 6 & 3C)

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